Lottery Affiliates

Join LotteryWorld’s affiliate program to unlock lucrative new revenue streams and partner with one of the world’s leading online lottery and gaming providers.

About LotteryWorld

We give you the chance to play for some of the biggest lottery prizes from around the world. Whether you’re interested in huge nine-figure jackpots or daily games with great odds of winning, we offer something suitable.

You’ll find US Mega Millions and Powerball - lotteries which hold records for the largest jackpots ever seen. There are massive European games such as EuroMillions and Eurojackpot, plus dozens of other international lotteries. The choice and range of games is unique. 

You can enjoy these games even if you don’t live in the country where they are staged. We make it really simple to take part, and you can win all the same prizes as if you bought a ticket from a store. We are regulated by the Curaçao Gaming Authority, so winnings are guaranteed to be paid in full and promptly. There is no chance of missing out on a prize.

Why Become a LotteryWorld Affiliate?

We offer our affiliates a generous revenue share package and lifetime earnings, for a long-lasting partnership. As one of the leading companies in the online lottery and gaming sector, you will have access to a lucrative market that is only expected to grow further in the future.

  • Up to 15% revenue share – earnings scale with your referrals
  • Lifetime earnings – long and lucrative partnerships
  • Wide range of products – refer customers to different games
  • Refer from anywhere – we have a worldwide affiliate network
  • Personal Support – Get help from our advisors at any time

How to Become an Affiliate

Signing up to become a LotteryWorld affiliate is a quick and easy process – plus, it’s free to join. Follow these steps to begin your partnership with LotteryWorld:

  • Register an account
  • Provide some details about you and your website
  • Add some code to your site so any referrals are captured
  • Promote LotteryWorld’s products and refer your users to us
  • Get a percentage of the revenue from every referral that makes a purchase

It’s as simple as that. The LotteryWorld affiliate program works on a revenue share basis, which means that you earn every time one of the users you refer to our website goes on to play one of our games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about becoming an affiliate? Check out these frequently asked questions to get all the information you’ll need when becoming one of LotteryWorld’s valued partners.

What products does LotteryWorld offer?
We give our customers the chance to play some of the biggest and best lottery games in the world, all in one place. There’s everything from the huge jackpots offered by US Powerball and Mega Millions, to daily games like Pick 3. We also have a range of fun online scratchcards and instant win games.

How does revenue share work?
You earn a percentage of the revenue from every transaction made by customers you refer to us – the more users you refer, the higher your potential earnings. You will get a 10-15% share, depending on how many of your referrals convert on our website. It’s a lifetime revenue share program too, so you can carry on earning for years to come.

Do I need separate accounts for each of my websites?
No, in most cases you will be able to manage different campaigns and different websites through one affiliate account.

Are there any locations in which I can’t become an affiliate?
There are certain countries in which you cannot become an affiliate, due to regulations in place in those locations. Go to the Prohibited Countries page to see where these restrictions are currently applied.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn as a LotteryWorld affiliate?
There’s no limit on what you can earn – the more traffic you send to us, the more you can potentially earn.

What rules do I need to know for what I can and can’t do?
While it is great to be creative and unique with how you promote our products, you should carefully read the terms and conditions to ensure you adhere to the regulations. Our team of experts is also on hand to help so speak to your account manager.

Is it free to join the affiliate program?
Yes. It is completely free to sign up as an affiliate. You just need to register an account to get started.