Australia Lotto

Australia Lotto is a weekly lottery held on Saturdays with a guaranteed starting jackpot of ₹21 Crore and six other ways to win. It’s really easy to play the game online from countries around the world. Learn everything you need to know about Australia Lotto here.

Australia Lotto Information

How to play Australia Lotto

Australia Lotto draws take place at around 3:00 PM IST on Saturday afternoons. You can play online instead of buying a ticket and still win all the same prizes. Here’s how to play the Australia Lotto:

  • Start by picking your numbers. Choose six between 1 and 45, or select the Quick Pick option to get a random set. To enter more than one set of numbers, just move across to the next game panel and pick six more numbers.
  • Decide how many draws to enter. Select a single draw to enter your numbers into the next available draw, or subscribe for up to three months. You will receive a discount for each entry if you subscribe and won’t miss a draw for the period you sign up for.
  • To pay for your entries, just add them to the cart and confirm your purchase. You will need to be signed up to a LotteryWorld account, so just register if you are a new player or log in to your existing account.
  • Wait for the draw to see if you are a winner. Find the latest Australia Lotto Results straight after the numbers are drawn.

Australia Lotto Prizes and Odds

To win the Australia Lotto jackpot, you must match all six of your numbers to the numbers drawn. The jackpot is worth at least ₹21 Crore and is split between players if there are multiple winners. Superdraws and Megadraws also take place from time to time, in which the jackpot is increased to a guaranteed ₹106 Crore or ₹160 Crore.

Two supplementary numbers are selected in every draw from the 39 balls left in the machine after the main numbers have come out. These supplementary numbers give you extra ways to win. The following table shows all the different prize tiers:

Australia Prize Fund and Odds
Match Percentage of Prize Fund Odds
6 Jackpot (30%) 1 in 8,145,060
5 + 1 supplementary number 3.8% 1 in 678,755
5 8.2% 1 in 36,689
4 12.4% 1 in 733
3 + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers 20.8% 1 in 297

Australia Lotto prizes are not fixed and may change from one draw to the next. That’s because each prize category receives a certain percentage of the overall prize fund. The prize fund is made up of the money from ticket sales, so the more people that play, the bigger the prizes on offer.

Australia Lotto FAQs

Take a look at these frequently asked questions about Australia Lotto to find out even more about betting on the game.

How much does it cost to bet?

A single bet on Australia Lotto costs ₹130. The cost per bet is lower if you subscribe to play for more than one draw in a row.

Is the jackpot the same in every draw?

The jackpot starts at ₹21 Crore and rolls over when there are no winners. However, the favourable odds mean that the jackpot is won in most draws and very rarely will it increase from one week to the next. Superdraws also take place regularly throughout the year in which the jackpot is increased to ₹106 Crore, and less regularly there are Megadraws which can increase the jackpot even further to ₹160 Crore.

Is it legal to bet on Australia Lotto?

The laws surrounding lottery betting differ from country to country, but it is allowed in India. It is an alternative to buying a ticket and gives you the chance to win all the same prizes, even if you’re outside Australia.

How do you find out if you are a winner?

You will be notified by email if you win any Australia Lotto prize. Your winnings will be paid automatically into your LotteryWorld account in most cases, while if you win a jackpot you will be contacted directly by a LotteryWorld agent to begin the claims process.

What is Saturday Lotto, X Lotto, Gold Lotto and Tatts Lotto?

These are the names used throughout different states in Australia for the Australia Lotto. Saturday So depending on where you play you might find it referred to as one of these names rather than Australia Lotto. The game was merged through all the different states and territories, so all these places keep their original names but use the same results and pay out the same prizes.

What are the supplementary numbers?

The supplementary numbers, or ‘Supps’ as they are commonly referred to, are two extra balls drawn at the end of the game to offer extra prize tiers for players. If you match three main numbers and one or two supplementary numbers then you win a prize, then if you match five numbers plus 1 supp number then you win a bigger prize than if you had just matched 5 numbers. They don’t change the value for winning the jackpot, as that needs all six of the main numbers only.