Austria Lotto

Austria Lotto, also known as Austria 645 due to choosing six balls from a pool of 45, is a popular European lottery due to its twice weekly draws and favourable odds of winning a jackpot that is a minimum of ₹8.5 Crore. It also has eight total prize levels, far more than you would expect for a lottery with such a small ball pool to select from. Find out more information on the prizes and how to play Austria Lotto below:

Austria Lotto Information

How to play Austria Lotto

To be in with a chance of winning a multi-crore prize twice a week in the Austria Lotto, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Austria Lotto play page and choose six numbers from 1 to 45. You can use the Quick Pick option if you want a set of numbers randomly chosen for you
  • Choose how many entries you want to place, with each panel being one separate entry. You can also choose to enter these as a one-off or subscribe to enter them into every draw in a one- or three-month period
  • Sign into your Lottery World account, or register for one if you have never played online before
  • Add funds to your account or if you already have funds, complete your purchase
  • Check the results after the draws on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 22:18 and 22:45 IST to see if you have won a prize.

Austria Lotto Prizes and Odds

The Austria Lotto jackpot always starts at ₹8.5 Crore following on from a draw that was won. Because there are two draws a week and the lottery is so popular, it’s not uncommon to see the jackpot rise by ₹4 Crore or even ₹8 Crore between draws. There are six other prize levels on top of the jackpot to win in, making the odds of winning a prize in every draw extremely high for a national lottery. You can see all the prize tiers, estimated prizes and odds in the table below:

Austria Lotto Prizes and Odds
Match Estimated Prize* Odds
6 Jackpot 1 in 8,145,060
5 + ZZ ₹42 Lakh 1 in 1,357,510
5 ₹9 Lakh 1 in 35,724
4 + ZZ ₹11,800 1 in 14,290
4 ₹3,800 1 in 772
3 + ZZ ₹1,250 1 in 579
3 ₹422 1 in 48
0 + ZZ ₹84 1 in 16

*The prizes are converted to INR from the local currency, which means these values are an estimate and can vary depending on the exchange rate.

The prizes per draw are only estimates as all prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning they will vary depending on the number of entries sold into the draw and the number of winners in each tier. More players means higher prizes!

The Zusatzzahl, also known as the bonus ball, is not a ball you choose when you enter the Austria lotto, as it is an extra ball drawn at the end to award more prizes. The ZZ ball is chosen at the end from the remaining 39 balls and if you match just this number then you win the bottom prize level payout. The Zusatzzahl is also used to increase prizes when you match three, four or five of the main numbers, but doesn’t change anything if you match all six to win the jackpot.

Austria Lotto FAQs

Check out some of the frequently asked questions about the Austria Lotto below:

Can I win the Austria Lotto jackpot online?

Yes, you can! If you enter Austria Lotto online at and match all six numbers to those drawn then you will win the jackpot that will be paid directly to you.

How are Austria Lotto prizes paid to me?

Smaller prizes will be paid straight into your lottery world account for you to use straight away on other lotteries or to withdraw to your bank account. Bigger wins, such as the jackpot or second tier, will be paid directly into your bank account after a customer service rep has arranged this with you.

What time are Austria Lotto draws?

Draws take place at 22:18 IST on Wednesday nights and 22:45 IST on Saturday nights.

How much does it cost to enter online?

Each Austria Lotto entry costs ₹200, but if you subscribe to play for a month or three months then the entry fee is reduced.

Is Austria Lotto different to Austria 645 or Österreichische Lotto?

No- these are all different names for the same lottery. Austria 645 is a commonly used term due to Austria lotto requiring players to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 45, whilst Österreichische Lotto is the German translation of Austria Lotto.