Loto Santiago

Loto Santiago is a new lottery aimed at lottery players in Chile and Chileans worldwide. It is an online only lottery, meaning tickets cannot be bought at retailers, and all prizes including the jackpot are paid out online. There are 12 different ways to win prizes and the odds are far more favourable than local lotteries when it comes to the chances of winning any prize in a draw.

Loto Santiago Information

How to play Loto Santiago

Follow the steps below to start playing Loto Santiago:

  • Head to the Loto Santiago play page and choose six numbers from 1 to 50 and a Joker ball from 1 to 5 to enter into the draw. If you can’t choose your numbers manually then use the Quick Pick option to have a random set chosen for you
  • Choose how many entries you want, with each panel being a separate entry, and choose whether to enter them into a single draw or subscribe for a number of months to have them entered into every draw in that time frame
  • Sign into your lotteryworld.com account and pay for your entries. If you don’t have an account then sign up and deposit funds to use
  • Head over to the results page on Thursday and Sunday mornings to check your numbers and see if you have won a prize.

Loto Santiago Prizes and Odds

You win prizes in Loto Santiago by having the numbers you chose match those that were drawn and published on the results page. You only have to match the Joker Ball to win a free entry into a subsequent draw whilst matching all the numbers and the Joker Ball will win you the jackpot. Check out the table below which shows all the prizes you can win and the odds of winning in each tier:

Loto Santiago Prizes and Odds
Match Prize* Odds
6 + Joker Ball Jackpot 1 in 79,453,500
6 ₹40 1 in 18,863,375
5 + Joker Ball ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus 1 in 300,960
5 ₹40 1 in 75,240
4 + Joker Ball ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus 1 in 5,599
4 ₹40 1 in 1,399
3 + Joker Ball ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus 1 in 299
3 ₹40 1 in 74
2 + Joker Ball ₹40 + Free Bet Bonus 1 in 39
2 ₹40 1 in 10
1 + Joker Ball Free Bet Bonus 1 in 12
0 + Joker Ball Free Bet Bonus 1 in 11

*The prizes are converted to INR from the local currency, which means these values are an estimate and can vary depending on the exchange rate.

Matching 2 or more numbers wins a fixed prize for each tier, and does not accumulate for matching more numbers, so the prize for matching 5 numbers is the same as for matching 2. You can also win a free entry on top of this by matching the Joker ball.

From time to time special draws will take place that can boost the jackpot up to 40 Crore. The jackpot will not rollover if it is not won, so you must enter the special draws to be in with a chance of winning the increased jackpot.

Loto Santiago FAQs

Find the answers to some frequently asked questions about Loto Santiago below:

When do Loto Santiago draws take place?

Draws take place at 18:30 CLT on Wednesday and Saturday nights. This translates to 03:00 IST on Thursday and Sunday mornings in India.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entries cost just ₹40 for each set of numbers you want to enter. Subscribing to enter more than one draw in a row will lower the entry fee.

What happens if I win the jackpot?

If you win the Loto Santiago jackpot then a member of the customer services team will get in touch with you to arrange for the funds to be sent straight to your bank account. They will conduct some validity checks to make sure it is you if this hasn’t been done on your account directly.

What are the odds of winning Loto Santiago?

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 79,453,500, whilst the odds of winning a prize in any category are 1 in 3

Does matching two numbers win on Loto Santiago?

Yes, matching two numbers will win you a payout of ₹40*