Durga Puja Bumper

Lotto India Superdraw

The Durga Puja Bumper lotto is the latest in the Lotto India bumper draws with a top prize of ₹400 Million.

In October 2022 Lotto India celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga in her battle against the evil shape-shifter demon Mahishasura. No doubt you will celebrate Durga Puja with pandals, music, dance and plenty of delicious food. But why not also treat yourself or your loved ones to an entry in this fantastic Bumper Lottery draw to win ₹400,000,000?

May Goddess Durga protect you and your family and give you strength to overcome all hardships.

Durga Puja Bumper Entries cost the same as a normal draw as Rs. 40, but you need to enter by 5:50pm on Tuesday 4th October to be in with a chance of winning the big jackpot, as its only around for one draw!

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