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Is Lotteryworld Legal in India?

Yes, Lotteryworld is Legal in India. Read more to learn about how Indian lottery regulations work and which states have their own lotteries.

Oz Lotto Winner news

Oz Lotto Winner Claims ₹59 Crore

Winner said he nearly fell out of his car when he won the Oz Lotto jackpot worth more than ₹59 Crore.

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US Man Wins Two Huge Prizes in One Week

A man from Loves Park in Illinois, USA, has celebrated a remarkable double win after landing two major prizes in the space of a week. The second win was worth ₹7.3 Crore.

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Biggest EuroMillions Win of 2020

The biggest EuroMillions prize of the year, worth ₹1,350 Crore, was won on Tuesday 1 September. The winning numbers were 4, 8, 10, 33 and 46, plus Lucky Stars 8 and 11

Jaldi 3 Lottery Game

Win $500 Twice a Day With New Jaldi 3 Game

A new online game called Jaldi 3 gives you the chance to win up to €500 twice a day for a €1 bet. All you have to do is guess three numbers correctly.


‘Darth Vader’ wins Jamaican Lottery

A jackpot winner in Jamaica has claimed his lottery jackpot while dressed as Darth Vader.

euromillions super jackpot

Euromillions Super Jackpot

The next EuroMillions Super Jackpot event will offer a top prize worth €130 million. Entries for the special event are available online now.

powerball jackpot rules change

Powerball Updates Jackpot Rules due to Coronavirus

Powerball’s jackpot rules have been changed to account for the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.