‘Darth Vader’ wins Jamaican Lottery

A jackpot winner in Jamaica has claimed his lottery jackpot while dressed as Darth Vader. He wore the Star Wars outfit so that nobody would recognise him when he came forward, having used his own unique force to pick his winning numbers.

The lucky player, known as ‘W Brown’, matched the winning numbers in the Jamaican Lotto draw on 16th July, snapping up a jackpot of 95 million Jamaican dollars (around ₹4.7 Crore).

He has largely played the same set of numbers for 20 years – with just a few changes – based on meanings, or ‘rakes’, that he has come across. On this occasion, though, he bought his ticket from a different location to normal – Di Endz Sports Bar in May Pen, Clarendon – and believes that may be why he was finally able to fulfil his dream of winning the lottery.

Receiving his giant cheque in full Sith mode, ‘W Brown’ was congratulated by Gail Abrahams, the Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship for lottery group Supreme Ventures. He said: “Life has always been very rough. I come from a poor family, sometimes I couldn't attend school because my parents didn't have it, but I told myself that God will help me one day so I can help my family.”

Brown kept his celebrations low key by just having a shower and going to sleep, and he has not shared his news with many other people yet. He will give it a lot of thought before deciding what to do with the money, but he said he would love to splash out on a new mode of transport.

“I want to decide what is the best thing to do before spending anything," he said. “I need to decide what my goals are, but I know I want to own a bus, I love Coasters.”