Pick 3 Lottery Game

New Pick 3 Lottery Game

A new online game called Pick 3 gives you the chance to win up to $500 twice a day and all you have to do is guess three numbers correctly. It offers many different ways to play and you can even choose how much to bet.

To play, the first thing to do is pick three numbers between 0 and 9. You can pick the same number more than once and in fact doing so can have an effect on how much prize money you can win. Next, decide how much to bet; most bet types allow you to choose either a $0.50 stake or a $1 stake.

You then have an important choice to make; which bet type to go for. You could play a Straight bet, where you have to match the winning numbers in the exact order, or a Box bet, where you match them in any order. You can also go for Straight/Box, Combo, or Pair bets.

Win $500 Twice a Day

Each bet type comes with its own prize, so you get to choose how much prize money to play for and you get great odds of winning. The prize for matching a Straight with a $1 stake is $500 and the odds of winning that bet are 1 in 1,000 – few other lotteries offer a return of that size with such good odds.

One more thing you should know before you play: the difference between ‘3-way’ and ‘6-way’ bets. If your three-digit combination contains two identical numbers, that’s a 3-way bet, as there are three possible combinations of those numbers. If you pick three different numbers, that’s a 6-way bet. The main thing you need to remember is that for certain bet types 3-way bets offer bigger prizes but 6-way bets have better odds of winning.

Pick 3 offers more flexibility and allows you to play with more strategy than many other lottery games, and it’s available exclusively online now. Draws take place at 12.00 GMT and 17.00 GMT every day.