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Oz Lotto Winner Claims ₹59 Crore

One lucky ticket holder said he nearly fell out of his car when he found out that he was the winner of an Oz Lotto jackpot worth more than ₹59 Crore. The player won the jackpot in the draw on Tuesday 6 October and found out about the win a day later.

The lucky player’s first win came on an instant scratch-off game. He was actually on his way back from claiming the $10,000 prize at a local lottery office in Illinois when he stopped off at the Mobil gas station on 6224 N. Second Street in Loves Park and bought a ticket for the next Powerball draw.

In a statement, the overjoyed winner said: “I don’t even know what to say. Wow. I am freaking out. This doesn’t feel real! I think I’ll only believe it when I see the money in my bank account. When I saw $11 million appear on my screen I just about fell out of the car.

“I’m always hoping for $1,000 or $2,000 or so to pay some bills. But this is going to take a while to get my head around. I can’t wait to call my mum and tell her as soon as I get off the phone. My parents have struggled forever so I can’t wait to tell them that I will be buying them a house.”

The player had the only jackpot-winning ticket for the 6 October draw, so took home the entire first prize worth $11.2 million (₹59.3 Crore). Two players came within one number of hitting the jackpot and each won a second prize worth ₹50 lakh.

Oz Lotto is one of Australia’s most popular lotteries and draws take place every Tuesday. The jackpot starts at ₹10 Crore and rolls over if it is not won in a given draw - it has even reached more than ₹500 Crore in the past. It’s one of three Australian lottery games you can play in India thanks to LotteryWorld.com.

To play Oz Lotto, you just need to pick seven numbers between 1 and 45, or go for a Quick Pick to be given a set of seven random numbers. Match all seven numbers to win the first prize, but don’t worry if you miss some numbers, as there are six other prizes to play for. The next Oz Lotto draw is on Tuesday 13 October - get your entries to play for a ₹10 Crore jackpot