Barn Ville Play Demo

Win up to ₹10 Lakh
Who says farm work needs to be tough and boring? Roll up your sleeves, put on your boots and get some farm work done in Barn Ville.

BarnVille Scratchcard

Taking place against the backdrop of a sunny farmyard, Barnville is an online scratchcard where the colourful creatures are bursting with energy and you can win major cash rewards. Playing Barnville is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Choose how many cards to buy: Before you start, choose how many scratchcards you want to buy. Buying more gives you more chances to win but is more expensive.
  • Start the game: Select ‘Buy Ticket’ to purchase an entry.
  • Open the barn doors: The doors on the barn will be closed and you just need to find out which animals are hiding behind them. Tap them one by one or select ‘Reveal All’.
  • Check your winnings: Reveal three identical animals to win. A message will pop up showing how much you’ve won, or you will be prompted to try again if you haven’t won anything.

After you have revealed which animals are in the barn, the game will notify you whether you have won. The highest-value animal – a dark horse – will fetch you 10,000x your bet amount, so you could win as much as ₹10 Lakh.

Play Using Auto Bet

If you want to play even more quickly, you can just select the Auto Bet button. Choose how many rounds you want to play and those tickets will be bought for you one after the other without interruptions. However, you can still hit the pause button at any time.

Keep an eye on the ‘Balance’ and ‘Win’ amounts at the bottom of the screen to see how much you have spent and how much you have won. If you are using Auto Bet, you can open up the attached settings menu to set limits for winning or losing.

  • On a win: Stops Auto Bet the next time you win.
  • Single win: Auto Bet will stop when you win the amount specified in a single round.
  • Win limit: Auto Bet when your net wins (total amount won minus total bet amount) reach the specified amount.
  • Loss limit: Auto Bet will stop when your losses total this amount.

A message will alert you if you reach one of these limits and Auto Bet will stop. You can start it again at that point or you can continue to play manually.

How to Win Barnville

To win a prize on Barnville, three of the same animal must appear in one round. The amount you win depends on which animal appears, and how much you have bet.

When you buy a ticket, there are nine squares in the barn – these are shown in the centre of the screen as three rows of three. Each square covers one farmyard animal.

As soon as the animals are revealed, you can see how many of the same type there are. You will also be able to see in the payout table how many of each one has appeared.

The animals are listed in order of their value, starting with the lowly rooster at the bottom and going up to the dark horse at the top. Each animal has three dots alongside it - if all three are highlighted, you have a win.

A ‘Win’ message will also flash up if you are successful, showing you how much you have won. For example, if you reveal three dark horses your prize will be ₹10 Lakh.

Symbol Multiplier Prize
Dark Horse x10,000 ₹10 Lakh
White Horse x1,000 ₹1 Lakh
Brown Horse x200 ₹20,000
Pig x100 ₹10,000
Goat x50 ₹5,000
Sheep x20 ₹2,000
Duck x10 ₹1,000
Donkey x5 ₹500
Turkey x4 ₹400
Cow x2 ₹200
Rooster x1 ₹100