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Cash Cuisine
Win up to ₹10 Lakh
Play and win up to ₹10 Lakh in that game!

Cash Cuisine Scratchcard

Cash Cuisine is a fun game which gives you the chance to win big prizes in an instant. It is set in a kitchen and if you are lucky, the moustachioed chef could cook you up a win worth 10,000x your stake. It just takes a few simple steps to play this online scratchcard.

  • Choose your bet amount: The minimum is $0.50 and the maximum is $10 - so it is possible to win as much as $100,000 on a single play. To select your bet amount, use the plus and minus buttons next to the Bet box.
  • Select ‘Buy Ticket’: This will pay for your entry to the game and the bet amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • Uncover the food: You will see nine covered dishes on the kitchen trolley in the centre of the screen. To view what is underneath, you can select them one at a time or hit ‘Reveal All’ to lift all the lids at once. You need to match three symbols to win.
  • View your winnings: A message will appear every time you win, and you can also see how much you have won at the bottom of the screen.

Play Using Auto Bet

Another option is to use the Auto Bet feature. Tap the icon and choose how many rounds you would like to play – from a minimum of five to a maximum of 50. The game will then run automatically for how long you have specified.
If you go with the Auto Bet option, you can set it up to stop the next time you win. You can also type in values for ‘Single Win, ‘Win Limit’ and ‘Loss Limit’:

  • Single Win: The game will pause when you win a certain amount on one ticket.
  • Win Limit: Auto Bet will pause when your total wins (minus your bet amounts) reach this value.
  • Loss Limit: When your combined losses reach the value specified, the game will pause.

A message will appear on screen when any of these limits are reached, and Auto Bet will pause.

How to Win Cash Cuisine

You win a prize on Cash Cuisine by matching three of the winning symbols. You can win up to $100,000 at once, but it depends how much you have bet and which symbol you match.

There are nine dishes on the kitchen trolley in Cash Cuisine. You can’t see what is under each lid when you buy your ticket, but when you reveal them you will see a variety of meals – including pizza, spaghetti Bolognese and steak.

If you see three dishes that are the same, you win the associated prize. The value of each dish is shown at the top of the screen, ranging from the humble sandwich to the roast chicken dinner.

The sandwich is worth as much as your stake, so if you bet $1 and match three sandwiches, you win $1. The roast dinner, however, is worth 10,000x your bet, so you would win $100,000 if you wagered the maximum $10 and matched three of those symbols.

All of the other dishes are worth between 2x and 1,000x your stake. A message will be displayed if you win.

When you play Cash Cuisine, you have to match three symbols to win. Each symbol is a dish and there are nine possible foods that can appear. There are also nine covered dishes on the kitchen trolley waiting to be revealed.

The payout table below shows how your bet amount will be multiplied if you match three of any of the dishes. It also shows the win amount for a $10 wager.

Symbol Multiplier Prize for $10 bet
Roast Chicken x10,000 $100,000
Pizza x1,000 $10,000
Spaghetti Bolognese x200 $2,000
Cake x100 $1,000
Soup x50 $5,000
Steak x10 $1,000
Lasagne x5 $50
Ice Cream x2 $20
Sandwich x1 $10