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Dragon Scrolls
Win up to ₹10 Lakh
Go on a mystical journey to China with Dragon Scrolls, Play and win up to ₹10 Lakh!

Dragon Scrolls Scratchcard

Themed around the Chinese zodiac, Dragon Scrolls is an oriental-inspired online scratchcard that is simple to play and has dazzling graphics. You can win prizes up to ₹10 Lakh in an instant. To play Dragon Scrolls, you just need to do the following:

  • Choose how many cards to buy: Each Dragon Scrolls scratchcard costs ₹100 and you can buy up to 10 at a single time. Buying more cards gives you more chances to win but is more expensive.
  • Start the game: To begin the game, just select the ‘Buy Ticket’ button. Your balance is displayed at the bottom of the screen and will be updated as soon as you start the game.
  • Unroll the scrolls: Once you have bought your ticket, you can open up the scrolls in the main play area to see which symbol is shown on each one. To unfold the scrolls, just select them one by one or select the ‘Reveal All’ button.  
  • View your prize: Matching three symbols wins you a prize. The amount you have won will be shown in an on-screen message and in the Win box.
There are nine scrolls to reveal each time you play and the aim of the game is to get three symbols that match. Each symbol depicts a different animal sign from Chinese astrology.

Play Using Auto Bet

You can also tap on the Auto Bet icon to set the game running automatically. You can pause the Auto Bet feature at any time, or set it so that it stops whenever you land on a win. There are also other limits that can be set – you will have to type in the value for the following:

  • Single Win: To pause the game if there is a single win of this value
  • Win Limit: To stop Auto Bet running when the combined value of wins reaches this total
  • Loss Limit: The game will stop when you have lost this amount

You will know when any of these limits are reached, as a message will appear in the centre of the screen and the Auto Bet feature will stop running.

How to Win Dragon Scrolls

To get a win on Dragon Scrolls, you need to match three symbols on a single ticket. Your prize depends on which symbol you match and how much you have bet.

Each of the symbols represents a different animal sign on the Chinese zodiac. There is the goat, rooster, rabbit, rat, dragon, ox, monkey, horse, pig, tiger and snake. You can count up how many of each animal appears as you select them, or a win message will flash up in large letters if you successfully match three.

The symbols all have different values, which multiply your prize to calculate how much you have won. For example, if you match three roosters (multiplier of 2x) you win ₹200. If you land three snakes, the multiplier is 10,000x, so your win would be ₹10 Lakh.

To win Dragon Scrolls, three of the nine scrolls have to show the same symbol. There are 11 different symbols that can appear, based on animals from the Chinese zodiac.

The following table shows the value of each symbol, along with the prize you could win.

Symbol Multiplier Prize
Snake x10,000 ₹10 Lakh
Tiger x1,000 ₹1 Lakh
Pig x200 ₹20,000
Horse x100 ₹10,000
Monkey x50 ₹5,000
Ox x20 ₹2,000
Dragon x10 ₹1,000
Rat x5 ₹500
Rabbit x4 ₹400
Rooster x2 ₹200
Goat x1 ₹100