Royal Charm Play Demo

Royal Charm
Win up to ₹50 Lakh
Royal Charm is a 3X3 scratch game with a very special feature! Use the Lucky charm to try and double your winnings! Play and win up to ₹50 Lakh!

Royal Charm Scratchcard

Use your Royal Charm to win big prizes and play for a ₹50 Lakh jackpot in this Match-3 scratch game. Uncover the hidden symbols and match three of them to win. Attach your Royal Charm to one of the winning squares to score a Royal Win and unlock a bonus feature that could double your prize money. Follow the steps below to play.

  1. Place the Royal Charm: Select the ‘Place your Charm’ button and then drag the charm icon to one of the squares on the 3x3 grid. Hit the ‘Random’ button to have it placed on any square automatically. You can do this before any game.
  2. Start the game: Select the ‘Play’ button to begin the game. The bet amount will be removed from your balance immediately.
  3. Reveal the symbols: Select ‘Reveal All’ to see what’s behind each of the nine squares, or select each square to reveal the symbols individually.
  4. Check your winnings: If you match three identical symbols, they will be highlighted on screen and a message will appear showing how much you’ve won. The amount will also be visible in the Win box.
  5. Open a Royal Chest: If one of the three matching symbols is in the same square as the Royal Charm, a ‘Royal Win’ message will appear on screen, followed by three chests. Select one of the chests to reveal the prize multiplier within. Your winnings will be displayed after you have selected a chest and the multiplier has been applied.

Any winnings will be added to your balance immediately. To continue playing, just repeat the process above. The Royal Charm will stay on the square you placed it on until you select ‘Place your Charm’ again.

Play Using Auto Bet

Auto Bet allows you to play Royal Charm automatically for a specific number of games. You can activate Auto Bet for up to 50 rounds, as long as you have sufficient scratchcards remaining.

To activate it, just select the Auto Bet button next to the Play button. It will be set at five rounds by default, but you can adjust this by selecting the ‘Change Auto Bet rounds’ option. Once you’ve set the number of rounds, select the play button to start Auto Bet. You will see games progress automatically, including the Royal Win bonus feature.

You can refine the Auto Bet settings even further so that it stops when certain conditions are met. Select the plus symbol in the Auto Bet box and adjust any of the following settings:

  • On a win: Auto Bet will stop on the next win.
  • On a feature: Auto Bet will stop at the next Royal Win. You will get to choose which chest to open.
  • Single win: Type a value to stop Auto Bet when you win that much in a single game.
  • Win limit: Type a value to stop Auto bet when you win that much money in total. This is net wins, so also takes the amount you have bet into account.
  • Loss limit: Type a value and Auto Bet will stop when you have lost that much.

You will need to restart Auto Bet again whenever any of these limits are reached. You can pause Auto Bet by selecting the paus symbol, or stop it entirely by selecting the cross symbol in the Auto Bet settings box.

How to Win Royal Charm

The aim of Royal Charm is to find three matching symbols hidden beneath the nine squares on the play grid. You can match them in any order and in any pattern; you win if you reveal any three identical symbols.

Each set of symbols is associated with a specific prize multiplier, so how much you win depends on which symbols you match and how much you bet. For example, the prize multiplier for matching three Coins is x10, so you win ₹5,000.

It’s easy to tell when and how much you win. The three matching symbols will be illuminated and arranged in the centre of the screen, and if you have sound enabled you’ll hear a special winning sound effect. A message will then appear on screen showing you how much you have won, unless you’ve hit the Royal Charm, in which case it will be preceded by a ‘Royal Win’ message and the Royal Chests bonus feature.

The Royal Charm is a feature unique to this game and provides an extra way to boost your winnings. If you reveal three matching symbols and one of them is on the same square as the Royal Charm, you will get the chance to double your prize money.

After you match three symbols and hit the Royal Charm, you will be presented with three Royal Chests, each of which contains one of the following prize multipliers: x1.2, x1.5, or x2. You pick one of the chests and then your prize money is increased according to the multiplier you reveal.

For example, if you match three Cherries, you receive ₹2,500. If one of those Cherries is on the same square as the Royal Charm, you’ve scored a ‘Royal Win’ and get to open one of the chests to boost that prize even further. If you open the chest containing the x2 multiplier, your prize is doubled to ₹5,000.

Each chest contains a different multiplier. After you select a chest to reveal your multiplier, the contents of the other two chests will also be revealed, so you’ll always be able to see where the x2 multiplier was.

Please note that the Royal Charm bonus does not apply to the top two prizes: the Golden 7 and the Palm Amulet.

There are nine basic prize levels in Royal Charm and then three additional multipliers if you score a Royal Win. Each prize level comes with its own multiplier. You win the ₹50 Lakh jackpot if you hit three Golden 7 symbols. The table below shows all the symbols you can match in Royal Charm, alongside the prize multipliers for each

Symbol Multiplier Prize
Golden 7 x10,000 ₹50 Lakh
Palm Amulet x1,000 ₹5 Lakh
Dice x200 ₹1 Lakh
Gold Bar x100 ₹50,000
Horseshoe x50 ₹25,000
Coin x10 ₹5,000
Cherries x5 ₹2,500
Ace of Spades x2 ₹1,000
Diamond x1 ₹500