The Alchemist Play Demo

The Alchemist
Win up to ₹10 Lakh
Step into the laboratory of the Mad Scientist and mix up a winning formula! Play and win up to ₹10 Lakh!

The Alchemist Scratchcard

Enter the alchemist’s laboratory and play this Match-3 game for the chance to win a jackpot worth ₹10 Lakh. Smash the test tubes on the 3x3 play grid to uncover nine microbe symbols – match three of them and you win a prize. You can find a step-by-step guide to playing The Alchemist below.

  1. Select your entries: Each Alchemist scratchcard costs ₹100, and you can choose to purchase one, five or ten at a time to add to your account.
  2. Buy a ticket: Select the ‘Buy Ticket’ button to start the game. The bet amount will be deducted from your balance immediately.
  3. Smash the test tubes: Hit the ‘Reveal all’ button to smash the nine test tubes and reveal the microbe symbols within. Alternatively, you can select each test tube individually to reveal the microbes one by one.
  4. Check how much you’ve won: When you win, a message will pop up on screen to let you know how much prize money you’ve won. The amount will also be shown in the Win box. If you don’t win, a ‘Try Again’ message will appear on screen.

Just repeat these steps to keep playing. You can adjust your bet amount between games and your balance will automatically update every time you place a bet or win a prize.

Play Using Auto Bet

The Auto Bet feature allows you to play a set number of games automatically. You can set Auto Bet to run for between 5 and 50 rounds, or you can set it up to stop when specific conditions are met. To use it, select the Auto Bet symbol (the gear icon next to the Buy Ticket button), set how many rounds you want it to run for, and then press play.

If you want to refine the Auto Bet settings further, select the plus symbol and adjust the following settings:

  • On a win: Auto Bet will stop the next time you win a prize.
  • Single win: Enter a value and Auto Bet will stop when you win that much in a single game.
  • Win limit: Set this value to stop Auto Bet when you win that much in net wins (total amount won minus your bet costs).
  • Loss limit: Type a value and Auto Bet will stop when you’ve lost that much.

Auto Bet will stop when all of the rounds have elapsed, when you run out of funds, or when one of the conditions above has been met. You can pause Auto Bet at any time by selecting the pause button, or you can stop it by selecting the X icon in the Auto Bet box.

How to Win The Alchemist

Winning The Alchemist is simple: just smash the test tubes and reveal three identical microbe symbols. The order in which you reveal the symbols and their placement on the 3x3 play grid does not matter. You win if any three of the nine symbols are the same.

Each microbe is associated with its own prize multiplier and there are 11 different ones in total. Hit the x10,000 multiplier to win the huge ₹10 Lakh jackpot.

When you win, the three matching symbols will be highlighted in the play grid and a message will appear on screen telling you how much you have won – the prize amount will also be shown in the Win box. You’ll also see that the alchemist’s experiment has been a success and his lab will come to life. If you don’t win anything, a ‘Try Again’ message will pop up and you’ll see the alchemist suffer a bit of a mishap.

There are 11 different prize levels in The Alchemist and each has its own prize multiplier. Your win amount is equal to the relevant multiplier value. The table below shows all the prize levels, the multipliers for each, and how much you would win with. You can access the payout table in the game by selecting the goblet icon from the menu or the arrow above the alchemist’s head.

Microbe Colour Multiplier Prize
Light Orange x10,000 ₹10 Lakh
Light blue (circle) x1,000 ₹1 Lakh
Yellow x200 ₹20,000
Black x100 ₹10,000
Dark Orange x50 ₹5,000
Green x20 ₹2,000
Purple x10 ₹1,000
Dark Blue x5 ₹500
Pink x4 ₹400
Light blue (cloud) x2 ₹200
Red x1 ₹100