Bumper Lottery

Lotto-India takes place twice a week with a regular jackpot of ₹4 Crore. However, there are also special Bumper Lottery draws from time to time, when the jackpot is raised to a massive ₹40 Crore

The Bumper Lotteries are timed to coincide with special events like Diwali, New Year and Independence Day celebrations. The actual date of the lottery is publicised well in advance, so you need never miss a draw.

Next Bumper Lotteries

This is a list of all the special Lotto India Bumper Draws that will take place each year

Bumper Lottery Dates
Lottery Name Prize* Next Draw Date
New Year Bumper ₹40 Crore December 31, 2021
Holi Bumper ₹40 Crore March 18, 2022
Vishu Bumper ₹40 Crore April 15, 2022
Lotto India Anniversary ₹40 Crore June 14, 2022
Independence Day Bumper ₹40 Crore August 16, 2022
Ganesha Bumper ₹40 Crore September 2, 2022
Durga Puja Bumper ₹40 Crore October 4, 2022
Diwali Bumper ₹40 Crore October 25, 2022

For more details on forthcoming Bumper Lottery Draws, please visit Lotto-india.com

Bumper Lottery Results

These special draws take place every year, although the date may change sometimes when the festival dates also change. For example, the Diwali Bumper Lottery takes place during the five days of Diwali, marking the start of the Hindu New year. but those dates are determined by the moon and can fall anytime between October and November.

These are results from Bumper Lottery draws that have already taken place. Since they are special draws of Lotto India, you will also find them listed on the Lotto India results page for the date on which the Bumper drawing took place.

Bumper Lottery Prizes

This table shows all prizes you can win during one of the Bumper Draws along with the odds of winning in that lottery:

Bumper Lottery Prizes and Odds
Match Prize* Odds
6 + Joker Ball Jackpot- ₹40 Crore 1 in 79,453,500
6 ₹750,000 1 in 19,863,375
5 ₹80,000 1 in 75,240
4 ₹4,000 1 in 1,400
3 ₹400 1 in 75
2 ₹40 1 in 10
0 + Joker Ball Free Bet Bonus 1 in 5

*The prizes are converted to INR from the local currency, which means these values are an estimate and can vary depending on the exchange rate.